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Our Solution

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Operate throttle, brake, and steering

Central Computing

Analyze all sensor input and make decisions of vehicle movement


Expert and deterministic algorithms for navigation and obstacle avoidance


Monitor vehicle surroundings


Monitor and measure vehicle surroundings and objects

Our Solution

Fast Implementation 

Using groundbreaking perception-enabled sensor technology, our solution can travel on new roads in 2-3 days, compared to the 6 weeks industry standard.

It’s autonomous driving reimagined.

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1. Auditable

2. No Edge Cases

3. Modular

4. Reproducible Results


Ai Robotics Camera Solution

Traditional AI

1. Varying End-Results

2. Built-In Randomness

3. Black-Box Algorithm

4. Needs Training Data Set


LiDAR Price (Industry Standard)

Our Edge

Our proprietary Local Positioning System (LPS) system allows us to operate without GPS signal/internet. This allows us to expand to developing countries around the world.

Our Edge
Determinstic Algorithm
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Collision Avoidance

Our system achieves collision avoidance in a fail-safe manner by three independent layers of sensors: cameras, IR sensors, and proximity sensors. These work simultaneously, offering obstacle detection and avoidance at a different range of braking distances.

Motion Control

​We use the vehicle's orientation and velocity to navigate. We gather these data points through our feature-based visual-odometry module, lane-tracking module using edge detection, and proprietary filtering algorithm. 

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