Vision Based Autonomous Driving Intelligence

Full vertical stack for Level 4 Autonomy

Both public and private sectors recognize the need for bold, coordinated action to confront the mobility problem on the macro and micro scale. Ai Robotics Technology is the necessary solution. We have built capabilities across a variety of frontiers to ensure we are equipped to tackle the challenge.

Reliable Movement 

We have demonstrated an unrivalled ability to control a vehicle from

point-to-point, with centimeter-level

navigational accuracy to ensure utmost safety.

Smart Command & Control

We built an easy-to-use proprietary operations management system to increase productivity. This gives operators full control over their robots, which operate their repeatable tasks.

Technologically Flexible

By building a vehicle agnostic robotics kit, there is no reliance on

specific hardware, which gives us the freedom to work with the multitude  of partners in this ecosystem.

Revolution through evolution

We’re at a truly exciting era of transportation, this is the first game-changing realignment since the invention of the wheel. Ai Robotics Technology is our vision for the future of transport technology.

After completing a successful proof of concept with the support of the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore, a branch of the Singapore government, we’re now expanding our reach across Singapore.


Having started our journey in 2016, we’re now working with the iconic developer and operator of world class resorts to present the world’s first commercial release of precinct autonomous technology.

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