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In order to create and deliver this cutting-edge technology on a global scale, we have brought together a team from all over the world to help transform people’s mobility. We continue to grow our team with passionate people who value reliability and excellence first.


Our functional leaders have worked as top tier management executives in world leading corporations; they are set to create a sustainable business model, and realize the AI Robotics dream of bringing tomorrows technology to our users today.

Debajit, CEO

Business Leader, Visionary, Ex-main Board Director of a FTSE 100.

Connie, CFO

Senior Finance  Executive, with 30 years experience and portfolios >$1 billion for Fortune 500.

Suvajit, CTO

A successful technology entrepreneur with 22 years of experience in artificial intelligence with 10+ inventions operating globally.

Wu Ran, COO

Operation Excellence Driver Successful e-commerce entrepreneur.

Suhrid, CMO

Senior Marketer having operated at leadership positions  in MNC consumer marketing and sales across Asia-Pacific.

Mubarak, Chief Architect

Over 20 years of computer architecture experience. Advisor to technology giants including Microsoft, Amazon and Honeywell.

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